Our caller for today, Earl from Texas is into drone photography and videography. Earl hates flying in Atti mode. He shares that he is able to grab some great footage while flying in P-mode or GPS-mode. And sees no reason to master flying in Atti mode. https://www.thedroneu.com/adu-01130-fly-in-atti-mode/ Become a Drone U member today. YouҬl enjoy unlimited access to over 30 courses, Part 107 training, and our amazing community!http://bit.ly/DroneUtrial Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and, if you donҴ mind, leave us a 5-star review while youҲe there:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ask-drone-u/id967352832. Follow us: Site ֠http://thedroneu.com/ Facebook ֠https://www.facebook.com/droneu Instagram ֠https://instagram.com/thedroneu/ Twitter ֠https://twitter.com/thedroneu YouTube ֠https://www.youtube.com/c/droneu Get your copy of ӌivinҠthe Drone LifeԠ֠https://amzn.to/2IDbFTG Get your copy of our Part 107 Study Guide ֠https://amzn.to/2IcLyDE Purchase your own official Drone U, GCP Landing Pad here:https://thedroneu.clickfunnels.com/gcp-landing-pad Check out our Top Blog Posts: Part 107 FAQ ֠https://www.thedroneu.com/blog/part-107-faq-drone-license/ Drone Insurance Guide ֠https://www.thedroneu.com/blog/drone-insurance-guide-best-cheapest-coverage/ How to Hack the Mavic 2 Pro in 5 Simple Steps ֠https://www.thedroneu.com/blog/atti-mode-mavic-2-pro-hack-zoom/ Flying Drones in NYC ֠Drone Laws Explained ֠https://www.thedroneu.com/blog/flying-drones-in-nyc-drone-laws/ Drone Mapping Guide ֠https://www.thedroneu.com/what-is-drone-mapping-software/ Timestamps 01:08 ֠Todayҳ question is about shooting in Atti Mode? 02:00 ֠Can you reliably fly in P-mode? 03:33 ֠Can you shoot action sports while flying in GPS mode or P-mode? 05:25 ֠Along with drone safety, does flying in Atti mode help you become a better pilot? And help you grab better footage? 08:08 ֠Why are most people averse to flying in Atti Mode? 16:10 ֠Virtual classes vs. In-person classes ֠which is the better option for you?